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Personal Story


I am no stranger to medicine. Ever since the time we were children, my sister and I considered our mother’s clinic to be our playground. She was a family physician in what was then part of Russia. Naturally, we both developed an interest in and familiarity with medicine during our formative years, long before we arrived in the U.S.

My headstrong sister grew up to pursue a medical career, and became a breast surgeon. I, on the other hand, started my rigorous pre-med studies in school. I wasn’t certain of my exact destination, or what the journey ahead held for me. It didn’t take me long, however, before I realized that there was a big gap (a missing piece, if you will) between my pre-med studies and what I wanted to achieve as a healer.

My mom and my sister both agreed that though many individuals benefit from Western medical intervention, there are still many that do not. All too often there are dreadful side-effects which occur as a result of reactions to medications, and risky surgeries. They also taught me the grim fact that, unfortunately, most chronic diseases are not curable.

This dark truth in medical treatment has been haunting me all the way back from my family’s dinner table in Russia, and all throughout my education. It soon dawned on me that there was an entire aspect of treatment that was being completely ignored. I sensed there was a significant portion of a person’s well-being that was being overlooked, and I had to find out what could be done about it.

I yearned for an alternative approach to healing…

And then one day I met an old friend who transferred from a Western medical school to a college of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). He was so impressed with the TCM curriculum that he ceaselessly encouraged me to go and check it out. I took their words with a grain of salt, but slowly… surely… hesitantly… I fell in love with their training curriculum, and what they sought to teach.

Unwilling to settle with an incomplete answer, I soon transferred to the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine where I endeavored to see what acupuncture and Chinese herbalism held for me. I was determined to complete the puzzle. After all, I wanted to be a holistic healer, not just any regular doctor…

I learned that by treating the root causes of pathologies instead of the symptoms of that pathology alone (even in chronic conditions), illnesses could be successfully treated. The more I studied this ancient and natural medicine, the more I loved it. This was a turning point in my life, both personally and professionally.

Not to be outdone: soon after, my two beautiful children were born and my life completely changed yet again… Nothing seemed to be more important and more precious to me than my little ones. Everything came full circle. I was fully immersed in a commitment toward my family, and I was working towards helping others find healing and wellness through the benefits of TCM. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I now had a new mission in my life:

It is my sincerest wish to combine the great & irreplaceable benefits of Western medical treatment with the balance of the softer, gentler approach of Eastern medical philosophy, in order to create a fully realized holistic treatment program for people of all ages, and backgrounds.

As a result, Advanced Holistic Center was born! Which brings me to you… I look forward to helping you heal and achieve your goals of lifelong wellness. I am confident that we provide the highest standard of holistic healthcare in New York.


Irina Logman, L.Ac., MSTOM
License and Board Certified Acupuncturist