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Devon Greenbaum


Devon Greenbaum is a board certified, New York State licensed acupuncturist. Devon Greenbaum graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine with a Master’s in Acupuncture. Prior to this, Devon earned her BA in Psychology from Hunter College.

From an early age Devon knew she wanted to help heal others through acupuncture. She witnessed firsthand as her father (a physician and licensed acupuncturist specializing in pain management) was able to integrate Western and Eastern medicine to alleviate the suffering of his patients. She saw that he would often use acupuncture rather than pharmaceuticals, and this inspired her to follow in his foot-steps. Her goal is to combine her dual training in psychology and Chinese medicine to not just heal physical pain, but address the psycho-emotional causes of diseases themselves.

In addition to her Chinese medicine studies, Devon further immerses herself in exploring the mind-body connection through meditation, exercise, and her spiritual practice.

With her friendly and caring presence, Devon ensures that all of her patients feel safe, comfortable, and supported in their healing journeys.