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Daniel Pfleging, L.Ac. MSTOM


Daniel Pfleging is a board licensed and certified acupuncturist/herbalist in New York State. He graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York, where he earned his Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine degree.

A dedicated student of holistic healing since his early teens, he was raised to take responsibility of his own health early on by his mother (the head nurse in an emergency room for nearly 30 years). Having struggled with multiple chronic illnesses her entire life, she instilled in him the value of combining modern medical interventions with a common-sense holistic self-care approach to living a balanced and healthy life.

Soon after getting his Chinese Medicine degree he began apprenticing with Irina Logman in her clinic, absorbing and applying the insights and techniques she passionately shares with her team. Daniel approaches each patient’s health as a unique personal adventure which must be engaged with fully, using honesty, humor, and humility on all levels of being. His focus is to not just to treat patients, but to investigate along with each person which skills they will need to prevent and heal their own problems from the inside out. His main areas of interest are digestive issues, auto-immune conditions, and mental/emotional disorders.