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Alexander Ladyzhensky


Alexander Ladyzhensky is a holistic psychotherapist, specializing in psychoanalysis, cognitive/behavioral and Gestalt therapy as well as non-dualistic Kabbalah meditation. Alexander’s education encompasses a wide spectrum of subjects and disciplines, such as: physics, philosophy, and psychotherapy.

Alexander studied under the famous thinker, J. Krishnamurti, took part in his seminars, workshops and discussions in Ojai, California. After teaching philosophy he went to Israel to explore Jewish mysticism, philosophy and psychology by taking graduate courses at the Hebrew University and other schools.

After moving to New York and trying to find a way of helping people, Alexander attended Adelphi University and received a MSW degree, being subsequently licensed as a Clinical social worker with psychotherapy privilege.

Alexander has been working as a psychotherapist for more than 18 years, participating in workshops and seminars on the new developments in cognitive/behavioral psychotherapy, and subsequently applied this knowledge in providing mindfulness exercises for patients suffering from past traumatic experiences, depression and phobias. Alexander has be successful in combining psychotherapy with its emphasis on freeing people from conflict and suffering, with a spiritual search for the deeper meaning of life and enlightenment.